#wowMEERACLEnya Challenge

1st Surprise: #wowMEERACLEnya Challenge

Have you noticed how many times did we remind you to always look nice even when you’re at home? Have you been practicing that? If yes, then great! 🎉 Well, let’s not make that look go to waste 😉 Here’s a chance for you to win some cash and our products by looking great at home!! We will pick 10 winners!! 🤩🥳 How to enter? Easy 👇🏼

#wowMEERACLEnya Challenge

  1. Snap a picture / Do a video of you wearing something nice and with full makeup on while being at home! They said looking good boost up your mood, might as well turn it into a contest! (Be creative, you can take a photo of you doing house chores, working from home, taking care of kids, trying new recipes – the sky is your limit!)
  2. Upload it on your feed!
  3. Must FOLLOW, TAG @meeracle_my & include these hashtags: #wowMEERACLEnya #MEERACLE
  4. Your profile must NOT be private – we need to SEE you!
  5. Competition ends on 4th May 2020.

The best pictures OR videos win! Good luck! 🥰


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